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I have been training with Mark for several years, first at a gym, now with him directly as an independent personal trainer. 

He finds ways to challenge me and  keep it interesting. He accommodates injuries (not from training!) and adapts the workout to whatever my doctor orders, and on short notice.  We did a lot of skiing conditioning work and I could tell that it worked on the slopes.

Mark is also fun to talk to, but he keeps me on task.  He is also very reliable. I can only recall one or two emergencies over the past 4 years when he had to cancel, and he gives plenty of notice of vacations. On the flip side, if I have a commute nightmare and am late he is flexible and does his best to reschedule me.

Ann M.

Just passed 3 years training with Mark!  He is very attentive and pays attention to form and injury prevention. He has helped me establish a strong core and encourages the perfect mix of strength training, cardio and diet. He has helped me get through 3 half marathons and has re-structured my workouts to fit my needs. He is always positive and energetic even when he has to train me at 6:30 in the morning! I have recommended him to friends and collegues alike. I have no qualms giving him 5 stars!

Tina S.

Mark has been training me for almost 2 years now.  His expertise and vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition is applied to each of his clients appropriately.  He is not a “one size fits all” trainer- which I have experienced a lot of in the past.  He works very specifically to rehab my knees and work around neck pain proving that no matter your limitation, you can reach your weight loss/fitness goals and improve your ailments at the same time!  He listens to my needs and cares very much for my health.  Hire Mark and feel better today!!  :)

Teryn R.